Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lauren Moffatt

A few days ago I glimpsed an amazing Lauren Moffatt coat on A Beautiful Mess, and obsessively tried hunting an affordable one down for 30 minutes. No luck.
Last night I go into Anthropologie and mosey on over to the clearance rack, as is custom (though it's rare when I can even afford sale earrings there). And then I saw it. The coat! On clearance! And there was one left in my size! And it was 75% off! And it was mine. And here it is!
 1950s button up top, Modcloth skirt, 1930s heels.

I'll admit that it isn't quite as figure-fitting as I like a coat to be, so I'll probably belt it when worn. It definitely brightened up the overcast Saturday we had here!

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