Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Miu Miu and More: Fun Prints to Liven Up Your Winter

I understand that winter is supposed to be a time for darker hues and subtle fashion looks. But, really, if I'm staring at a drab gray sky all day long I'd rather not add to the landscape. That's why prints are my best friend this time of year; my idea of donning "gay apparel" is putting on a blouse with cats all over it.

Therefore,  Miu Miu's Spring 2010 collection is one of my favorites: cats, sparrows, flowers and even some (tasteful) naked ladies abound! Take a look at the gallery here and let it brighten up your December day (it may be NSFW if your job minds illustrated topless women). And for those of us who can't afford designer duds, here are some fun, budget-appropriate prints:
Paws and Play Dress, $59.99 from ModCloth

Little Red Riding Hood Tights
, $30.00 from Fred Flare
Hair Spray Retro Dress, $72.00 from Plasticland

Each and Aviary Way Top, $62.99 from ModCloth

Proper Pup Laptop Case, $44.99 from ModCloth
Noir Perfumed Puff Sleeve Top, $46.00 from Plasticland

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